We are a youth robotics team based in Southern California.

Created in August 2018 as part of MajorStem.org, our team consists of a group of students who are not only passionate towards science, but also eager to develop skills in communication, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership.

Every year we participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge, a nationwide robotics challenge where teams of middle and high school students compete to design, build, and program machines that score points in the challenge's game.

Our FTC robot is built using the REV Robotics Kit and parts we made in-house.

Through the combination of 3D printing and cutting, we are able to rapidly build and prototype innovative designs for our robot.

For our mecanum wheel drivetrain, we rely on REV motors, controllers and extrusions.

At the heart of our robot is a collect-store-shoot mechanism angled for getting rings consistently into the middle and upper goals.

Our code is hosted here on GitHub.

We post regular updates on our blog.

Check it out here.